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unique like you are


The travel companion that never complains


Weekend away? Suitcase or stylish


The laptop bag that makes the difference

loveinpieces® bags
are handmade of recycled materials,
that’s why each bag is unique

Recycled Materials

Our LOVEINPIECES® bags are crafted from pre-loved garments which have been combined to make a unique design.

  • A piece of your future bag contains a part of Dutch history.
    The cotton that was blown by wind in the blades of our world famous mills
  • The best quality recycled leather in many variations.
  • Your pre-loved, stonewashed indigo jeans. Pieces of love for your LOVEINPIECES®.
  • Coffee-bean bags from Brasil, Colombia, Guatemala,
    Cameroon & Bolivia.
  • Each LOVEINPIECES® bag is complete with a high quality water resistant inner lining.

Born and made in Amsterdam

The making off video

Our LOVEINPIECES®  Bags are handmade with love piece by piece…


unique like you are

In every collection we will work with different soulful materials.
Your bag can’t be the same as the ones shown on this webpage.

Please keep in mind that there are no two bags the same!
Every piece is unique and handmade.

loveinpieces® bags
are designed for individuals
with strong characters

Do you believe in karma?

We Do! That’s why from every bag we sell,
we are donating  a fixed amount to below welfare organizations:

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